North Carolina Crafts Plan to Support Military Installations

The state of North Carolina is developing a strategic plan to shore up its installations ahead of looming budget cuts, troop drawdowns and a possible BRAC round.

Most of the issues the states plans to focus on involve host communities, including the quality of public schools, transportation infrastructure and encroachment, Cornell Wilson, the governor’s military adviser, told state lawmakers on Thursday. Another concern is the condition of training ranges, reported the Fayetteville Observer.

Officials are even considering moving the red-cockaded woodpecker from Camp Lejeune to state lands to open up additional training areas at the installation. Protections afforded the habitat of the endangered bird can place forested areas off limits to training.

Fort Bragg also is home to the red-cockaded woodpecker, but the post has successfully managed the situation, Wilson said.

He added that the state is looking at ways to assist Fort Bragg with transportation issues and to fund a 911 call center. Another avenue the state is exploring is using bonds to fund projects at its installations, according to the story.

The state’s effort are designed to not only preserve the military activity now in the state but also to promote new missions, improve the quality of life for military families and boost economic development,  Wilson said.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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