Northern Command Raises Security Level at U.S. Installations

U.S. Northern Command has elevated the force protection level for all DOD facilities in the continental United States, due to a general environment of heightened threats rather than to a specific threat, a Pentagon spokesman said Friday.

Northcom raised the force protection level at DOD facilities from Alpha to Bravo, indicating an increased or more predictable threat of terrorist activity, said Army Col. Steve Warren.

For installations, the elevated force protection level means more comprehensive checking of those entering facilities, heightened awareness of personnel at the facilities, and in some circumstances, more security personnel on duty at the facilities, reported DOD News.

“As far as what the American public can expect to see,” Warren said, “broadly speaking there won’t be a change, but in specific areas there could be longer lines as personnel enter posts, camps and stations around the nation, [and this] could have traffic implications.”

At Northcom in Colorado Springs, spokesman Air Force Master Sgt. Chuck Marsh said that raising the security baseline “was a prudent measure to remind installation commanders at all levels within our area of responsibility to ensure increased vigilance in safeguarding our DOD personnel, installations and facilities.”

“This is the new normal,” Marsh said, “so we’re going to be doing random security [protection] measures … to be able to best execute the safety and security of our people and our facilities.”

Raising the force protection condition to Bravo will apply to the Pentagon as well, Warren said.


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