Ohio County Receives $3M OEA Grant to Mitigate Job Loss at Vehicle Plant

Allen County in northwest Ohio has received a $3.0 million grant from the Office of Economic Adjustment for the second phase of efforts to support businesses and workers harmed by defense cutbacks at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC), a government-owned, contractor-operated facility that produces tanks and military vehicles.

The grant, which will be supplemented by more than $400,000 from local sources, will be used to implement strategies developed in the first phase to maintain and enhance the skill sets of workers at JSMC. The grant also will go toward setting up a social media presence for JSMC workforce development and funding for the commercialization of a new metal joining process at the Ohio Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Center, reported limaohio.com.

Members of the local congressional delegation praised the award.

“This is really a success story of the value of organizing the JSMC stakeholders through Task Force Lima,” said Sen. Rob Portman (R) in a written statement. “The Task Force leadership has run with this grant opportunity and made it an important resource for managing through the changes at the tank plant to make sure it’s ready for future work.”


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