Operation Enduring Opportunity Seeks Veterans for Franchising

The International Franchise Association has set a goal of recruiting and training 80,000 veterans to become franchise owners in a campaign it is calling Operation Enduring Opportunity. 

One in seven franchises in the United States is owned by a veteran, according to VetFran, a program founded by the association. Veterans make good franchise owners because of their leadership abilities and their experience running standardized systems inherent to franchise operations, according to VetFran’s website.

Ron Adams retired from the Army looking for a career that would allow him to be his own boss. He decided to launch an NHance franchise, a company that refurbishes cabinets and flooring.

“This is something that I can create a legacy for the family,” Adams told the State. It also allows him to support other veterans by creating frequent opportunities for hiring former service members.

“I’ve had some of the same symptoms for PTSD so I can relate to them,” Adams said. “I really wanted to find a business where I could give back to them.”


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