Plans to Attract Defense Firms to Eastern Oklahoma Advance

Plans to foster the defense industry in McAlester moved ahead last week after the city council voted to accept a $193,257 award from the Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission.

Leroy Alsup, the city’s community and economic development director, proposed dedicating $93,000 of the award to a planned defense industrial park that may be located next to the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant in eastern Oklahoma, reported McAlester News.

The city is waiting for the Army to update the plant’s strategic plan before determining where the industrial park would go, Alsup said. A site outside the plant’s gates would make sense if a defense company were willing to move to McAlester.

“When they get done, we will look at where they may expand,” he said. “When they complete their study, we’ll look at where we want to put our industrial park.”

Alsup recommended using the rest of the award to supplement a strategic plan the Spectrum Group and the Principi Group are preparing to help McAlester expand and retain the defense industry in the area.


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