Press on with Efforts to Support Military Families, First Lady, Biden Tell Governors

Many states have heeded the call from First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of the vice president, to eliminate hurdles to military spouses and veterans finding employment, but more states need to join the effort, Obama and Biden told the nation’s governors on Monday.

Biden said that 28 states have passed laws making it easier for spouses in fields such as teaching, nursing and social work to transfer their professional licenses when they relocate to another state because of a new military posting. Thirteen more states have introduced license portability legislation, reported American Forces Press Service.

She urged the governors of the remaining states to support the initiative, and pointed out that every state has National Guard or Reserve units to underscore the importance of the issue even for states without a major installation.

“And with so many families — military families transitioning out of the military now and in the next few years — they’ll be focused on finding good jobs, good schools and good communities, whether there is a military base nearby or not,” she said.

The First Lady meanwhile challenged the governors to continue their push to help personnel gain state certifications for occupations that they received training or experience in during their military service.

Obama set the end of 2015 as a goal for all 50 states to have enacted legislation or taken executive action to help military personnel gain the credentials they need for jobs as paramedics, nurses, physician assistants and truck drivers, reported American Forces Press Service. “We don’t want our men and women — and their families — in uniform and veterans to be limited to where they can live because not all states are on board,” she said.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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