Private Sector Is Better Positioned than Feds to Improve Veterans’ Employment, Recruiter Says

Federal support for programs to boost veterans’ employment has been “inefficient at best and ineffective or counterproductive at worst,” according to a commentary in Forbes.

The effectiveness of DOD and Labor Department transition classes for separating military personnel has been universally criticized, while “various government departments have funded the creation of duplicative online job boards, insulting and limiting military occupational specialty software translators and elaborate but underutilized ‘labor exchanges,’” writes Peter Gudmundsson, CEO of RecruitMilitary.

“Tens of millions of dollars have been squandered in these efforts to ‘do something,’” states Gudmundsson, a former Marine field artillery and infantry officer.

Instead, the government should focus its resources in four areas to boost veterans’ employment:

  • bring businesses executives onto bases so they can see first-hand the “extraordinary” screening, selection and training the military makes in personnel;
  • increase efforts to encourage states to award credit for military experience when a service member seeks a job license or certification;
  • embrace, rather than avoid, the private sector; and
  • offer case management services for higher-need veterans with physical or unseen injuries, either thru the federal government or service organizations.

“Veterans represent our nation’s highest quality human capital. Companies that are smart enough to avail themselves of this resource will reap manifold benefits in the marketplace,” Gudmundsson says.


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