Regional Growth Falls Short of Projections at Aberdeen Proving Ground

Growth in Harford County, Md., may fall 10,000 jobs short of what planners expected as a result of new activities coming to Aberdeen Proving Ground due to BRAC, but on other fronts, the news is good.

Average household incomes have climbed and the county’s supply of houses on the market has fallen from an 18-month inventory to a six-month one, reported ABC Channel 2 News.

“Our foreclosure rates have almost dropped off the scale,” Jim Richardson, director of economic development for Harford, told the station. Many employees moving to Aberdeen have been able to buy homes directly from a bank, he explained.

One factor in the lower job growth is that defense contractors that followed their Army clients brought smaller operations to Aberdeen than originally estimated, according to the report. Officials had projected that BRAC would bring a total of 28,000 new jobs to the region.


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