Tech Entrepreneurs Tackle Veteran Unemployment

A group of tech entrepreneurs and companies are mashing together data on the skills of veterans trying to enter the civilian job market with the job requirements of employers in an attempt to use big data to narrow the veteran unemployment gap.

The group also has pulled government data on veteran unemployment claims to map the misalignment between veterans and the job market geographically. So far, Veterans Talent is primarily a proof-of-concept of what can be developed when private companies and government agencies collaborate, reports the Washington Post.

“It’s not a job-search tool for veterans, and it’s not a head-hunting tool for recruiters,” said Chris Walker with Mic. “It’s more a medium- and long-term planning tool for policymakers to help them see where pockets of skills are.”

The tool’s interactive map contrasts the location of unemployed veterans with the location of veteran-friendly job openings, according to the story. It reveals that Fairfax County, Va., is a hub for veteran-friendly jobs in computers and information systems, while Roanoke County, Va., needs more sales and fast food workers.

“We’ve thrown a lot of policy at this — the G.I. bill, hiring tax credits,” said Aneesh Chopra, the former chief technology officer at the White House and now the co-founder of a startup called Hunch Analytics. “But we haven’t solved it.”


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