Unemployment Rate for Recent Veterans Reaches Record Low

The unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans fell to 6.7 percent in February, a drop of more than one point from January that left the rate at its lowest level on record, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While the unemployment rate for all workers remained lower, falling to 5.5 percent in February, post-9/11 veterans have made marked progress in finding jobs in recent years. The 2014 annual unemployment rate for recent veterans was 7.2 percent, nearly 2 points lower than the 2013 rate and nearly 5 points lower than the 2011 rate, reported Military Times.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for all veterans remained below the average for all workers, falling to 5.3 percent in February.

An entry on the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America blog underscored the value of veterans to employers.

“While there are still many veterans represented among the unemployed, those who are employed are often highly skilled and highly valued in the workplace. Once we invest in veterans, the research shows that the results are a more skilled labor force, better team members and better employees,” the entry states.


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