DOD Overhauls Program to Aid Spouse Transition

The Defense Department’s overhauled transition program for military spouses will be available beginning this fall, according to a senior official.

The program, which will be available for in-person training and online, focuses on three life stages — new spouses, spouses with mid-career service members and those already in transition, Eddy Mentzer, associate director of DOD’s office of military and family policy, told

The changes primarily reflect how the information will be delivered to spouses rather than new content. The component geared to new spouses will be rolled out first to give families a head start entering the civilian world, and will cover topics such as financial readiness and the importance of a stable career, Mentzer said.

“This is a lesson learned from the changes of the military services’ approach to educating their youngest service members — and that it is important to start planning from the beginning of their career,” he said. “Even new spouses can begin using resources related to financial readiness, education, employment and more, to make the eventual transition a smoother experience for the whole family.”

By offering the program in a way that more accurately reflects how spouses will access it, officials hope to enhance its relevance.

“[We] know that the spouse plays a vital role before, during and after the service member transitions from the military and returns to civilian life,” Mentzer said. “Our goal is to provide easy-to-access resources and information that is relevant to military spouses.”

All of the material, covering about 35 topics, will be available online through Military OneSource, according to the story.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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