Northern Virginia County Ends Veteran Homelessness

Arlington County, Va., has effectively ended homelessness for military veterans according to the nonprofit leading the national effort to find housing for all residents.

The milestone makes Arlington the second jurisdiction to end veteran homelessness under the definition used by Washington, D.C.-based Community Solutions — demonstrating the ability to house all homeless veterans on a monthly basis. Rockford, Ill., was the first community to end veteran homelessness under that definition, said Adam Gibbs, a spokesman for the nonprofit.

The federal government has recognized 15 jurisdictions — including Houston, New Orleans and Las Vegas — that have demonstrated they have place to live for every homeless veteran who wants one, reported the Washington Post.

Arlington has followed the “housing first” movement, which calls for finding shelter for homeless residents before addressing other issues that led them to live on the street. The county employed interagency teams to monitor homeless residents, identify the services they’re eligible for and make sure they’re taking steps to obtain housing, according to the story.


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