City Shows off Plans for First Phase of Alameda Point Redevelopment

City Shows off Plans for First Phase of Alameda Point Redevelopment

The city of Alameda hosted residents at an event last month to show off plans for a major component of Alameda Point and to celebrate the most recent property transfer from the Navy at the former Naval Air Station Alameda.

The 2.5-mile walking tour focused on the city’s plan to redevelop the area surrounding Seaplane Lagoon, which calls for several large parks, a 500-acre federal wildlife habitat, housing, retail and a ferry building. Site A is slated to have 800 homes, including some reserved for low-to-middle-income residents, and 600,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, reported the East Bay Times.

“This is a completely unique opportunity,” said Alameda City Planner Andrew Thomas. “There’s nothing like the Seaplane Lagoon in the Bay Area. As Alameda residents, you should be thrilled.”

One of the parks will provide a stunning view of downtown San Francisco, the lagoon and a decommissioned aircraft carrier. One goal of the event was to build interest among residents and park enthusiasts for the city’s plan to turn another portion of the site, now a concrete slab, into a park.

“We need people to know about ‘De-Pave Park’ so when it comes to advocating for money to build it, we have people contacting their representatives,” Thomas said.

Mayor Trish Spencer is confident the city has come up with the right formula for reusing the site. “We’re all excited about the new development,” Spencer said. “It’s been almost 20 years since the base closed.”

The city is directing the project itself. Its development team includes commercial builder srmErnst, retail company Madison Marquette, residential developer Thompson Dorfman Partners and nonprofit Eden Housing. The team hopes to start on the first phases of the project within the year, according to the story.


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