• Senate Panel Advances DOD, Army Installation Nominees

    Senate Panel Advances DOD, Army Installation Nominees0

    The Senate Armed Services Committee this week favorably reported out two presidential nominees for headquarters positions dealing with installation and energy issues — Robert McMahon for assistant secretary of defense (ASD) for sustainment and Alex Beehler for assistant secretary of the Army for installations, energy and environment. The two now must be confirmed by the

  • BRAC off the Table, Ayotte Declares0

    At the outset of her panel’s budget hearing Tuesday, Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), chair of the Senate Armed Services’ Readiness and Management Support Subcommittee, removed all doubt as to where she stands on the Obama administration’s request to hold a new BRAC round in 2019. “I continue to oppose another BRAC round for many reasons,” said Ayotte before she reiterated many of arguments she has cited in the past, including the higher-than-promised implementation cost of the last round. “I do not want to give the department the open-ended authority to pursue another BRAC round that will potentially incur significant upfront costs when we do not have the room in our budget in the next few years to afford many fundamental readiness investments that are right before us …

  • Former Air Force Installations Official Joins D.C. Public Affairs Firm0

    Kathleen Ferguson, who previously served as the Air Force’s top installations official, has joined the Washington, D.C.-based Roosevelt Group following a 34-year career with the service. Ferguson stepped down in June from her post as principal deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for installations, environment and energy. From March 2013 to September 2014, she served as the acting assistant secretary for the installations office. Ferguson has worked in the installations office since 2007 when she first served as deputy assistant secretary for installations. Ferguson began work Monday at the Roosevelt Group, a bipartisan government relations consulting firm, as a senior adviser. “The addition of Kathy expands both our capacity and our expertise,” said John Simmons, the firm’s co-founder and managing partner. Ferguson’s experience with the Air Force, where she developed the service’s strategic basing process, will be immensely valuable for the Roosevelt Group’s community clients striving to attract new missions to local installations, Simmons added. She also will advise communities interested in establishing partnerships with neighboring bases.

  • Conger’s Nomination to Comptroller’s Office Stuck for Now0

    John Conger’s wait before the Senate votes on his nomination to be the principal deputy to the Pentagon comptroller could last a while longer. Conger — who currently is the acting assistant secretary of defense for energy, installations and environment — was nominated for the new post on March 4 by President Obama, but the Senate Armed Services Committee has not yet held a confirmation hearing. His nomination, along with that of several others for senior civilian positions at the Pentagon, is being held up by Committee Chair John McCain (R-Ariz.). Prior to Congress’ July Fourth recess, McCain said that hearings on those nominations would not be scheduled until “we find out whether the president is going to veto [the defense authorization bill] or not …

  • President Nominates Conger to Number Two Position in Comptroller’s Office0

    John Conger — who currently is the Pentagon’s acting assistant secretary of defense for energy, installations and environment — was nominated Wednesday by President Obama to be the principal deputy to the department’s comptroller. Conger obtained his current title in December after DOD merged its installations and operational energy organizations to comply with the newly enacted fiscal 2015 defense authorization bill. Previously Conger had been acting deputy undersecretary of defense for installations and environment, a title he assumed in September 2012 after Dorothy Robyn vacated the top installations slot. He joined DOD in 2009 as the assistant deputy undersecretary of defense for installations and environment. Conger will need to be confirmed as principal deputy undersecretary of defense (comptroller) by the Senate before taking the new post.

  • Army Planners Look Ahead to Looming BRAC Round0

    The Army is banking on a new round of base closures to eliminate excess infrastructure, and plans to craft a strategy for realigning and closing installations so it is ready when the next BRAC is authorized, according to the 2025 vision and strategy document the Army’s office of the assistant secretary for installations, energy and environment released recently. “While DOD has not yet been given the authority to execute another round of BRAC inside the United States, it is expected to be authorized in the near term as it is the best and proven way to address excess and shortfalls in facility requirements in a cost-effective and fair manner …