• House Democrats Cancel Vote on 2020 Spending Levels

    House Democrats Cancel Vote on 2020 Spending Levels0

    House Democrats scrapped plans Tuesday for an expected vote to set this year’s spending after caucus progressives objected to top-line numbers and made demands for more non-defense spending, The Hill reported. The bill would have increased 2020 defense spending by $17 billion and non-defense spending by $34 billion, bringing the totals to $664 billion for

  • Fate of Budget Deal Rests on House Vote

    Fate of Budget Deal Rests on House Vote0

      The Senate passed a two-year budget deal and stopgap spending bill early Friday morning, after the government shut down at midnight due to Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s refusal to allow the chamber to move up the timetable for a procedural vote on the legislation. Confidence that the measure would survive a House vote eroded

  • House Could Prove Hurdle to Approving CR, Budget Cap Agreement

    House Could Prove Hurdle to Approving CR, Budget Cap Agreement0

      Even with the momentum spurred by the two-year budget deal reached in the Senate Wednesday, Congress still needs to pass a continuing resolution (CR) by midnight to avoid the second partial government shutdown in three weeks. The Senate is expected to vote first on the plan that would lift the discretionary caps on defense

  • Next Stopgap Could Last Six Weeks

    Next Stopgap Could Last Six Weeks0

      House Republicans are drafting a continuing resolution (CR) that would run through March 22, but it’s not clear if Senate leaders will accept a six-week stopgap, reports CQ. At a policy retreat in West Virginia on Thursday, GOP leaders from both chambers said they were confident there would not be a government shutdown when

  • House Authorization Bill Recommends 1.8 Percent Military Pay Raise0

    The FY 2014 defense authorization bill the House passed Friday provides a 1.8 percent pay raise for military personnel and rejects proposed military health care changes such as increases to TRICARE, according to Government Executive. The 1.8 percent pay increase for military personnel is also included in the House fiscal 2014 defense spending bill, which the Appropriations Committee cleared last week. The spending bill does not provide for a civilian pay raise in 2014…

  • Inhofe Wants to Shield DOD from Cuts with Changes to Social Security0

    The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee plans to ask the Senate to protect DOD spending by scaling back Social Security benefit increases. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) will offer the proposal on the Senate floor as an amendment to the fiscal 2014 defense authorization bill, CQ reported. Inhofe will recommend replacing the military’s sequester cuts with a proposal that would slow future growth in Social Security benefits. President Obama is supportive of the Social Security adjustment, known as “chained CPI,” but only as part of a broader deficit reduction agreement…