• Environmental Analysis Supports Expanding China Lake Operations0

    A Navy environmental analysis released this month supports the continued operation of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake and a 25 percent increase in training activities at the southeastern California base. The Final Environmental Impact Statement/Legislative Environmental Impact Statement was conducted with the cooperation of the Bureau of Land Management, reported the Deseret Dispatch.

  • California Budget Proposal Threatens Base Redevelopment0

    Base closure communities in California have joined together with ADC to reverse a proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) that would eliminate the ability of redevelopment agencies to take advantage of tax increment financing to revitalize former military installations. Funding raised via tax increment financing that currently is allotted to redevelopment agencies in the state would be reallocated to other public services such as public safety and education under the governor’s proposal. Brown’s plan would shift about $1.7 billion to other programs. Abolishing redevelopment agencies is one element of the governor’s strategy to balance the state’s budget by cutting $12.5 billion in spending in the coming fiscal year …