• DOD Could Fund Off-Base Infrastructure Projects under Proposed Authority

    DOD Could Fund Off-Base Infrastructure Projects under Proposed Authority0

    Defense communities could pick up critical financial assistance for infrastructure projects which support neighboring installations under a new authority the House Armed Services’ Readiness Subcommittee included in its mark of the fiscal 2019 defense authorization bill. The draft legislation would establish the Defense Community Infrastructure Program and would allow DOD to award grants to states and

  • Heightened Security Could Exacerbate Traffic Woes outside Bases, Panel Says0

    Constraints on military construction funding are hampering the ability of DOD to address traffic congestion on the roads leading to a number of U.S. installations, including those that have experienced significant population growth due to BRAC, according to the Senate Military Construction and Veteran Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee. The constraints are limiting the ability of DOD to fund urgent defense access roads and entry control point projects at installations coping with growth due to BRAC as well as those serving as host commands for a wide variety of military services and agencies, the panel says in its report accompanying the fiscal 2016 milcon spending bill …

  • Budget Constraints Squeeze Funding for Road Improvements at Growth Bases0

    Transportation requirements at a number of installations, including needs both on-base and outside the gates, are not being met due to severe constraints in military construction funding, according to the House and Senate Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations subcommittees. “This problem is particularly acute on growth installations that serve as host commands for a variety of military departments,” according to the joint explanatory statement accompanying the FY 2015 omnibus spending bill signed into law last week by the president …

  • DOD Funding Needed to Accelerate Transportation Projects, Appropriators Say0

    The Pentagon should allocate funding for transportation projects outside the gates of military installations to help host communities accommodate increases in traffic stemming from mission growth, according to the report from the Senate Appropriations Committee accompanying the fiscal 2015 military construction and veterans affairs spending bill. “By including mission growth transportation projects as eligible infrastructure projects for federal defense funding, important improvements can be made while creating jobs and strengthening national security …

  • DOD Should Take Advantage of Roads Program, House Panel Says0

    The Defense Department should make greater use of the Defense Access Roads (DAR) program, a way for DOD to upgrade roads outside of military installations, according to the report of the House Appropriations Committee accompanying the fiscal 2015 military construction-veterans affairs spending bill. “The committee has heard of many worthwhile road construction/expansion projects in and around military installations that are in great need of funding,” the panel states. Those projects would benefit both the installations and the communities …

  • Secretary Announces $45.7M in Transportation Funding for Maryland, Washington0

    Montgomery County, Md., and Lakewood, Wash., will receive construction grants to improve transportation access to military medical facilities, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced Monday during his remarks at the ADC 2012 Annual Conference. Montgomery County’s $40 million grant is intended to provide an easier commute for patients, service members and civilian employees of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. Lakewood is receiving $5.7 million for improvements to the Freedom Bridge overpass near the Madigan Army Medical Center gate at Joint Base Lewis-McChord …