• New Military Strategy May Stay Under Wraps

    New Military Strategy May Stay Under Wraps0

    The National Military Strategy DOD completed at the end of the year may remain classified, a change from previous editions that were unclassified and released to the public, according to Defense News. A spokesman for Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Joe Dunford told Defense News the plan was submitted to Congress and the defense secretary

  • FY’19 Budget Won’t Ignore Need to Rebuild Readiness0

    In addition to reflecting the Trump administration’s new national defense strategy which emphasizes the need to prepare for conflict with other great powers, DOD’s fiscal 2019 budget request is expected to prioritize military readiness. “This is a strategy-driven budget. A great deal of care was taken to ensure that we are rebuilding readiness and we

  • Mattis Needs to Explain Meaning of ‘Lethality,’ Analyst Says

    Mattis Needs to Explain Meaning of ‘Lethality,’ Analyst Says0

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has established “lethality” as an important driver of decisions the Pentagon will make as it prepares the nation’s forces to win a great powers conflict. Mattis first introduced the term in an October 2017 memo that cited the need to “build a more lethal force” as one of the military’s three