• Force Cuts at Ft. Hood Will Not Harm Local Economy, Study Finds

    Force Cuts at Ft. Hood Will Not Harm Local Economy, Study Finds0

    The loss of 3,350 soldiers from Fort Hood as the Army shrinks its active-duty end strength from 490,000 to 450,000 soldiers will not significantly affect Killeen and the surrounding area of central Texas, according to a study commissioned by the city. “A 3,350-troop reduction, in my opinion, will not cause a significant impact on this region,” Rick Gibbs, the study’s author, told the Killeen Daily Herald. “Where I would worry in my own experience in doing numbers is if you’ve got [a reduction of] 10,000 to 12,000 soldiers — a whole division …

  • Graham Urges ADC Members to Go Toe to Toe with Lawmakers over Sequestration

    Graham Urges ADC Members to Go Toe to Toe with Lawmakers over Sequestration0

    Pledging to go on a “political jihad” if Congress fails to undo the statutory spending caps that are hampering the nation’s military from meeting current and future threats, Sen. Lindsey Graham urged attendees at the Defense Communities 2016 National Summit to make it their highest priority as well. “If you want to do something, don’t advocate for your base. Come up here and advocate for Congress not to decimate the military as a whole,” Graham said Tuesday during the Defense Community Awards Luncheon …

  • Pentagon Lifts Hiring Freeze on Civilian Workers0

    The Defense Department has rescinded a civilian hiring freeze for the office of the secretary of defense, defense agencies and field activities that applied to all vacant positions. The department lifted the freeze, which went into effect March 20, after all organizations finished transferring their personnel records to a central manpower tracking system that provides officials a clearer picture of staffing levels, reported Defense News. The change was needed as the Pentagon imposes a 25 percent reduction in funding for fiscal years 2017 to 2020 on major DOD headquarters activities. OSD is planning to eliminate 309 positions by FY 2020, said DOD spokesman Eric Badger. Of those positions, 243 currently are filled. “We continue to expect the vast majority of impacted workers, upwards of 96 percent, will be placed in other jobs or take voluntary actions, such as an early retirement or separation incentive payments,” Badger said of those workers. The issue of headquarters reductions should remain on the front burner as Senate Armed Services Chair John McCain and Defense Secretary Ash Carter focus on reforming the department, according to the story.

  • Readiness Remains Army’s Top Priority, Vice Chief Says

    Readiness Remains Army’s Top Priority, Vice Chief Says0

    Some of the Army’s priorities for modernizing its equipment and weapons are being sacrificed amid the growing demands and stringent budget caps facing the service, Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Daniel Allyn said Monday at the Heritage Foundation. “It is, fundamentally, a math problem,” Allyn said. “Our focus is on readiness, to ensure no soldier, no unit, is sent into a mission for which they’re not prepared. The downside of that is we are definitely facing the potential that two to three years down the road, to ensure we deliver the most modern equipment possible, is where we have accepted risk …

  • Commissary System Unlikely to Achieve ‘Budget Neutrality,’ DOD Finds

    Commissary System Unlikely to Achieve ‘Budget Neutrality,’ DOD Finds0

    There is no way to operate military grocery stores while preserving the commissary savings benefit for military families without a significant taxpayer subsidy, according to a Pentagon report submitted to Congress. DOD concluded that it could eliminate only a small piece of the $1.4 billion annual subsidy provided by Congress to operate the commissary system. Congress requested the report to identify ways to achieve “budget neutrality” for the commissary and exchange systems by Oct. 1, 2018, without trimming commissary and exchange benefits, reported Military Times. The department believes it could achieve only $300 million in annual savings beginning Oct. 1, 2018 …

  • Five-Year Pentagon Initiative to Cut Staff Costs by 25 Percent

    Five-Year Pentagon Initiative to Cut Staff Costs by 25 Percent0

    A Defense Department “delayering” initiative will trim headquarters staff costs by 25 percent in an effort to save $1.9 billion, according to David Tillotson III, DOD’s assistant deputy chief management officer. About 300 positions from the office of the secretary of Defense are being eliminated, including 243 that are filled. In defense agencies and field activities, 1,260 positions are slated for reduction. The streamlining is part of a broader reform, in which the department is restructuring its business processes and practices, particularly in support areas …