• Senate Confirms Norquist as Permanent Deputy Defense Secretary

    Senate Confirms Norquist as Permanent Deputy Defense Secretary0

    Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist was confirmed into his new permanent post Tuesday evening with a Senate voice vote that easily approved him to become DOD’s second-ranking official. Norquist, who was sworn in Wednesday, was the latest Senate confirmation vote came as the chamber hustled to vote on numerous high-priority administration nominees before the

  • Norquist Sails Through SASC Confirmation Hearing, Possible Senate Vote This Week

    Norquist Sails Through SASC Confirmation Hearing, Possible Senate Vote This Week0

    Acting Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist easily sailed through his Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing Wednesday for his White House nomination to be permanently appointed to the role, CQ reported. Norquist, who was confirmed as DOD’s comptroller in 2017 and has been serving in an acting capacity as the Pentagon’s second-in-succession since January, received

  • Deputy Defense Secretary Takes up the BRAC Mantle0

    During remarks Wednesday focusing on the bind the Pentagon faces between stringent spending caps and a Congress unwilling to embrace the department’s belt-tightening reforms, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work believed there was an opening to make the case for a new round of base closures. “The first place we should look at is our basing infrastructure. The department spends about $55 billion annually to maintain, sustain, and protect its bases,” Work said during the Center for Strategic and International Studies Fifth Annual Global Security Forum. And with recent and planned cuts to the military’s force structure, DOD’s excess capacity, estimated at 24 percent, is only rising, he said …

  • Deputy Secretary Lynn to Depart in Several Months0

    Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn announced Thursday his intention to step down following a two-decade career of government service. At the request of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Lynn agreed to remain until a successor is nominated and confirmed, actions expected to be completed by the fall …