• Outsourcing, Mission Changes to Shape Installation of the Future

    Outsourcing, Mission Changes to Shape Installation of the Future1

    The Army’s real property footprint can be expected to evolve incrementally as past decisions about the role of the service’s installations continue to exert a critical influence on its infrastructure, according to an appendix in the Army’s new strategic framework for supporting its installation requirements. But several changes already are shaping the installation of the future, starting with a trend toward greater outsourcing for both installation and mission support activities. The extent to which an installation can rely on the surrounding community for support services — including housing, childcare, recreation and retail — will depend on local conditions …

  • Encroachment Effort at MacDill AFB Leaves State Officials Frustrated

    Encroachment Effort at MacDill AFB Leaves State Officials Frustrated0

    The state of Florida this week agreed to purchase the residential development rights on a 25-acre parcel adjacent to MacDill Air Force Base in South Tampa even though the landowner will retain the right to build a hotel or motel on the parcel’s north end.
    The $1.3 million purchase will prevent residential development in MacDill’s clear zone and accident potential zone, but the state was only able to reach agreement to purchase the development rights for a hotel or motel on 11 acres in the airfield’s clear zone, reported the Tampa Bay Times. Still, it’s the best deal the state could get, said Bruce Grant, executive director of the Florida Defense Support Task Force …

  • County to Expand Land Buffer outside Randolph AFB

    County to Expand Land Buffer outside Randolph AFB0

    Bexar County officials are trying to complete the purchase of 91 acres of land outside of Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph Air Force Base over the next year as part of a larger effort to create a 142-acre buffer between the airfield and surrounding residential development. “That’s a relatively short period of time to acquire quite a bit of property,” Renee Green, the county’s director of public works, told the San Antonio Business Journal. The county has hired HNTB Corp. to negotiate the acquisitions for $743,343. Most of the funding for the $6 million project is being furnished by a $4.7 million grant from the Texas Military Preparedness Commission. The county is adding almost $1.3 million to the project …

  • Regional Group Needs Consultant to Conduct JLUS at Ft. Sill0

    The Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments is requesting proposals for contractors to conduct a joint land use study (JLUS) for the Lawton-Fort Sill region. The complete RFP can be downloaded from the association’s website. Responses are due by Oct. 20 at 3 p.m. Central. If you have any questions, please call Steve Kelly at 580/736-7965 or kell_st@ascog.org.

  • State Agency Strives to Enhance Military Value of Ellsworth AFB

    State Agency Strives to Enhance Military Value of Ellsworth AFB0

    Since it was created in 2009, the South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority has reduced encroachment surrounding Ellsworth Air Force Base, worked to increase the size of a training range used by the installation and initiated several projects to improve the quality of life for Ellsworth personnel and their families. By focusing on the military value of Ellsworth and improving the quality of life for military families, the state agency is trying to ensure the base is not closed in a future BRAC round. Many of the agency’s efforts have addressed shortcomings that resulted in DOD recommending Ellsworth for closure in 2005. “We’re on the offensive,” Glen Kane, the authority’s managing director, told the Rapid City Journal. “The checklist basically gave us a playbook to work from,” Kane said in reference to scoring documents from the last round of base closures …

  • Colorado Springs Residents, Military Installations Work Well Together

    Colorado Springs Residents, Military Installations Work Well Together0

    The majority of Colorado Springs, Colo., residents say they have no issues with the region’s military installations, according to 700 people who responded to a survey conducted by the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments as part of a joint land use study. The top two issues associated with the region’s military presence are noise and airspace, reported the Colorado Springs Business Journal. Most of the survey respondents believe the community and military work well together. Residents also said they approve of the military’s efforts to develop alternative energy sources at area installations …


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