• Potential Remains for Political Bickering to Upset Plans for a 12-Bill Omnibus

    Potential Remains for Political Bickering to Upset Plans for a 12-Bill Omnibus0

    With topline spending levels established in the two-year budget deal cleared last week, appropriators believe they can craft 12 individual spending bills into a year-end omnibus in time for both chambers to pass the package by the time the current continuing resolution (CR) runs out on Dec. 11. Senior appropriators already are figuring out how to allocate the $1.067 trillion in discretionary dollars the budget deal provides for fiscal 2016 among the 12 appropriations subcommittees, reports CQ. The committees plan to provide the subcommittees their allocations by the end of the week, with a goal of hashing out the details of their spending bills between both parties and chambers by Thanksgiving …

  • House Opts to Move New Defense Bill Reflecting $5B Reduction0

    The House will take up a new version of the fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill this week that reflects last week’s budget agreement, rather than attempt to override President Obama’s veto of the original legislation, House Republicans said Tuesday. The revised measure will authorize $5 billion less in funding after the two-year budget agreement called for $33 billion in defense spending above the Budget Control Act cap for FY 2016, an increase that didn’t quite meet the $38 billion in extra funds Congress and the administration had planned for. “The new legislation, which is otherwise identical to the NDAA that passed the House and Senate earlier this year, has been introduced in the House of Representatives by Chairman Thornberry,” according to a statement from the House Armed Services Committee …

  • Budget Agreement Leaves DOD $14B Short in FY’17, Work Says0

    The two-year budget deal signed into law Monday by President Obama is good news for the Pentagon because it provides two years of certainty over available spending, but the agreement will force the department to cut $14 billion from its draft fiscal 2017 budget, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said at a Defense One conference. “We calculate it will be about a $14 billion delta in that given year than what we had planned,” Work said Monday, reported Defense News. “That’s going to be a harder target to hit, and we’re working through that right now …

  • Budget Agreement on Way to Senate0

    The two-year budget agreement is on course to reach President Obama’s desk soon, after the House easily approved the package Wednesday by a 266-167 vote before sending it to the Senate for consideration. The Senate likely will hold a procedural vote Friday on the measure and move to final passage over the weekend or Monday. That chamber also is expected to pass the bill, which would increase defense spending by $56 billion over fiscal 2016 and 2017 and extend the nation’s debt limit through March 2017, reported CQ. The White House voiced its support for the package on Wednesday, urging Congress to quickly approve the agreement …