• GAO Highlights Primary Challenges to Reducing Unneeded Federal Facilities

    GAO Highlights Primary Challenges to Reducing Unneeded Federal Facilities0

    Since 2012 the federal government has taken steps to trim its inventory of underutilized properties but the current administration still faces a variety of challenges before it can make a significant dent in its portfolio of excess properties, a senior official from the Government Accountability Office told lawmakers on Friday. The five primary challenges agencies need to overcome, according to Dave Wise, GAO’s director of physical infrastructure, include: a lack of reliable data with which to measure the extent of the problem; a complex disposal process; costly environmental requirements; competing stakeholder interests; and limited accessibility of some federal properties …

  • Energy Security Proves to Be Elusive Benefit of Large-Scale Projects, GAO Finds0

    The military services typically cite energy security as a benefit of their large-scale renewable energy projects, but in a study of 17 projects across DOD, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that only a small fraction were designed to provide power to installations in the event of a disruption of the commercial grid without additional investments. Only two of the 17 projects — a biomass plant at Fort Drum, N.Y., and a landfill gas facility at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga. — could provide electricity to the installation during a grid outage without additional steps, according to the GAO study. Five others would require additional investments, such as the installation of batteries or other energy storage equipment …

  • Facility Conditions Play a Role in Quality of Life for Personnel, GAO Finds

    Facility Conditions Play a Role in Quality of Life for Personnel, GAO Finds0

    While budget constraints have forced DOD to limit funding for facilities sustainment and recapitalization in recent years, mission readiness has not been jeopardized at eight installations the Government Accountability Office visited for a study of DOD’s efforts to maintain its facilities. Public works personnel at the installations told GAO that facilities that are critical to their missions receive first priority for maintenance and repairs. Personnel were able to provide only a handful of examples of facility conditions that hampered the ability of their installations to carry out their activities …