• In Other News: Fairchild AFB’s Future Remains Bright, General Says; Milcon Project Cost Estimates Could Be More Reliable

    In Other News: Fairchild AFB’s Future Remains Bright, General Says; Milcon Project Cost Estimates Could Be More Reliable0

    Fairchild AFB and the 92nd Air Refueling Wing are expected to provide key capabilities for the Air Force for decades, even though officials so far have not selected the base to host the KC-46A, the service’s next generation tanker, Lt. Gen. Giovanni Tuck, commander of the 18th Air Force, said last week during a visit

  • Energy Security Proves to Be Elusive Benefit of Large-Scale Projects, GAO Finds0

    The military services typically cite energy security as a benefit of their large-scale renewable energy projects, but in a study of 17 projects across DOD, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that only a small fraction were designed to provide power to installations in the event of a disruption of the commercial grid without additional investments. Only two of the 17 projects — a biomass plant at Fort Drum, N.Y., and a landfill gas facility at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Ga. — could provide electricity to the installation during a grid outage without additional steps, according to the GAO study. Five others would require additional investments, such as the installation of batteries or other energy storage equipment …

  • Most BRAC 2005 Moves to Collocate Training Activities Fail to Achieve Jointness, GAO Finds0

    If the Defense Department has its heart set on promoting jointness among the military services, it likely will need to conduct another BRAC round as the last one failed to achieve many of the gains in efficiency and enhanced capabilities officials hoped to accomplish through a handful of recommendations intended to merge training activities from multiple services. At least that’s the implication of the latest report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). GAO analysts focused on six recommendations from BRAC 2005 designed to promote opportunities for jointness by consolidating training functions across the services and infrastructure at a single location. Despite DOD’s justification for collocating each of the six activities citing jointness or inter-service training as a potential benefit, only two of the six training functions took advantage of the opportunity to consolidate training, the congressional watchdog agency found …

  • Improved Guidance Needed to Establish Role of Arsenals, GAO Finds0

    To maintain the critical capabilities of its three manufacturing arsenals, the Army should develop guidelines for officials to follow when deciding whether to purchase items from the arsenals or from the private sector, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommends in a new report. GAO called for the Army to issue “clear, step-by-step implementing guidance, such as an instruction or guidebook, on the process for conducting make-or-buy analyses in a consistent manner.” The lack of such guidance likely has hampered the Pentagon’s efforts to encourage the military to consider the arsenals as a source of manufacture, the agency concluded …

  • More Opportunities for Streamlining Pentagon Remain, GAO Concludes0

    DOD should be able to identify additional opportunities to generate savings by streamlining resources at its headquarters, GAO concludes in a new report after reviewing recent efforts to reduce overhead costs at the department. DOD may not have identified all areas where reductions in headquarters personnel and operating costs could be achieved because the department was working quickly to identify savings in the fiscal 2012 budget …