• Senate Confirms Army Lt. Gen. Jason Evans to Oversee Army’s Installation Portfolio

    Senate Confirms Army Lt. Gen. Jason Evans to Oversee Army’s Installation Portfolio0

    The Senate late last month confirmed Army Lt. Gen. Jason Evans as Dept. of the Army Headquarters Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G-9, according to a press release. The DCS, G-9, position, previously the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), reaffirms the Army’s commitment to retaining a three-star Pentagon staff officer to oversee

  • IMCOM to Provide Base Support at Eastern European Locations0

    The Army’s Installation Management Command will be assuming responsibility for base operations at locations in Bulgaria and Romania that are serving as hubs for U.S. military training missions. IMCOM-Europe will add 49 jobs to camps at Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria and Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania, reported Stars and Stripes. Army staff at those two locations will be under the command of the garrison at Ansbach, Germany. “We think we can get in there and we can provide a service to U.S. Army Europe and quite frankly free them to focus on their core competencies, which are preparing formations and … to assure allies and deter enemies,” said Michael Formica, region director for IMCOM-E. The military will rotate larger formations through the training sites in the year ahead as part of DOD’s effort to enlarge its presence in Eastern Europe. Services delivered by IMCOM-E will be limited however. “We have a philosophy — Spartan plus wifi,” Formica said. “We’re not building little Americas inside those camps. We’re going to make sure we have those essentials covered.”

  • Army to Close Community Theaters in Europe

    Army to Close Community Theaters in Europe0

    In the latest move prompted by the strict cap on defense spending, the Army is planning to eliminate its community theater program in Europe starting in fiscal 2017. About nine theaters, including those in Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern and Baumholder in Germany; Vicenza in Italy; and Mons in Belgium are expected to close. The theater program cost $1.96 million last year. In response to budget cuts in FY 2017, Installation Management Command (IMCOM), like the rest of the Army, had “to make some tough — and potentially unpopular — decisions as we work to separate wants from needs,” agency spokesman Scott Malcom told Stars and Stripes. “Our intent is to use our limited funds to provide critical base operating services and sustain the infrastructure that makes the Army ready,” Malcom said. “Is quality of life a child development center or a community theater? Are we in the humanities business or are we in the warfighting business?” he said …

  • New Officer Assumes Senior Installation Management Post for Army

    New Officer Assumes Senior Installation Management Post for Army0

    Lt. Gen. Gwen Bingham has become the Army’s new assistant chief of staff for installation management, replacing the outgoing Lt. Gen. David Halverson who retired from the Army following a 37-year career. The Senate confirmed Bingham for appointment to the rank of lieutenant general on June 29, and she assumed the duties as the 14th ACSIM on June 30. Bingham most recently served as commanding general for the Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Life Cycle Management Command, Warren, Mich. …

  • IMCOM Chief Looks to Policy Changes to Meet Strategic Constraints

    IMCOM Chief Looks to Policy Changes to Meet Strategic Constraints0

    With the prospect of getting more resources from Washington not promising, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, commanding general of the Army’s Installation Management Command, says he’ll push for policy changes to better support his agency’s mission. “I don’t need more money and I don’t need more people. I need to change policies,” he said during a visit last month to the Presidio of Monterey, Calif. One change the Army is considering is phasing out single occupancy rooms in barracks as a way to reduce costs …

  • Army Splits Top Installation Management Post; Halverson Remains ACSIM

    Army Splits Top Installation Management Post; Halverson Remains ACSIM0

    Lt. Gen. David Halverson relinquished command of Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) on Tuesday after the Army split apart its senior installation management post, leaving Halverson as the Army’s assistant chief of staff for installation management (ACSIM). At a change-of-command ceremony at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Halverson passed the unit’s colors to Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who then passed the flag to IMCOM’s new commanding general, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl. Halverson had served as both ACSIM and commanding general of IMCOM since April 2014. The creation of a new three-star position and the decision to make IMCOM a direct report to the Army chief of staff indicates how important the mission is to senior Army leadership, reported IMCOM Public Affairs …