• Georgia Lawmakers Advance Legislation to Ease Plight of Transitioning Personnel, Spouses

    Georgia Lawmakers Advance Legislation to Ease Plight of Transitioning Personnel, Spouses0

    The Georgia Legislature approved multiple bills benefitting military families and transitioning service members during the session that closed last week. On Thursday, the Senate unanimously passed legislation to expedite the process for military spouses to transfer professional licenses from other states, sending the measure to Gov. Nathan Deal (R). The Military Spouses and Veterans Licensure Act, House Bill 821, would require all state licensure boards to adopt a process permitting military spouses and transitioning service members moving to Georgia to qualify for temporary occupational licenses, licenses by endorsement or expedited licenses that would allow them to enter Georgia’s workforce …

  • State Efforts to Improve License Portability for Spouses Miss Mark0

    State lawmakers have begun to take aim at the hurdles facing military spouses striving to maintain a career as they move across the country, but so far legislation addressing the portability of professional certifications and licenses has been uneven, according to a panel discussion last week. After moving to Virginia, one spouse, a hairdresser, had to spend four months satisfying state requirements calling for her to obtain notarized copies of the licenses she previously earned in five others states. “Who’s your advocate when you’re that one spouse trying to get a governing body to expedite?” Eddy Mentzer, DOD’s program manager for spouse education and career opportunities, said April 28 at the American Legion’s National Credentialing Summit in Washington. “Many spouses don’t have the resources …

  • New York Lawmakers Push to Ease Transition for Military Spouses0

    Legislation introduced in the New York State Assembly would streamline the process for military spouses to transfer professional licenses and certifications when moving to the state. “When a family is stationed in a new state, the hosting state should streamline the licensing process in order to make their lives as easy as possible. Similar legislation has previously passed the state Senate; we have to get this bill to the floor as soon as possible to make New York more suitable for veterans and all New Yorkers,” said Assemblyman David DiPietro (R), one of the cosponsors of Assembly Bill 2590 …

  • Bipartisan Bill Would Aid Military Spouses after a Transfer0

    A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill to help military spouses more easily re-enter the workforce by offering a tax credit to offset the cost of renewing or transferring a professional license after they move to a new state. “When a military family is asked to move as part of their service to our country, the government should be doing everything possible to make that transition seamless,” said Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.). “This tax credit would reduce one of the burdens military families face when they move …

  • N.M. Governor Signs Bill Helping Spouses Obtain Professional Licenses More Quickly0

    New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez last week signed a bill designed to help military personnel, their spouses and veterans more easily obtain occupational licenses in a range of fields if they already are qualified or certified in another state. The law covers a broad set of professional occupations such as barbers, architects and veterinarians, along with health care providers such as physicians, pharmacists, dentists and physical therapists …

  • Press on with Efforts to Support Military Families, First Lady, Biden Tell Governors0

    Many states have heeded the call from First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of the vice president, to eliminate hurdles to military spouses and veterans finding employment, but more states need to join the effort, the two told the nation’s governors on Monday. Biden said that 28 states have passed laws making it easier for spouses in fields such as teaching, nursing and social work to transfer their professional licenses when they relocate to another state because of a new military posting …