• Air Force Considers Use of Single Vendor to Build, Manage Smart Energy Infrastructure

    Air Force Considers Use of Single Vendor to Build, Manage Smart Energy Infrastructure0

    The Air Force is contemplating the use of a single provider to support its push to achieve energy resiliency, a strategy that would allow it to avoid the arduous efforts now required to launch any one renewable energy project. Under an “energy-as-a-service” approach, the Air Force’s service provider would be responsible for combining the various procurement tools — including enhanced use leasing and energy savings performance contracts — officials currently rely on to develop renewable energy sources or build a microgrid. “It’s very piecemeal right now,” said Mark Correll, deputy assistant secretary for environment, safety and infrastructure …

  • Military Projects Featured at White House Summit on Energy Storage

    Military Projects Featured at White House Summit on Energy Storage0

    The White House last week announced a series of executive actions, along with state and private sector commitments, to scale up microgrids, energy storage and renewable energy throughout the nation. The actions covered by the announcement, which included a handful of projects on military bases, are expected to result in at least 1.3 gigawatts of additional storage procurement or deployment in the next five years. The White House released the list of initiatives in conjunction with a summit it hosted on energy storage and microgrids that drew energy developers, power companies, municipalities and regulators. Military projects intended to enhance energy resiliency by increasing storage and microgrid capacity include: a new 50-100 megawatt grid-scale battery project that will be developed by a third-party at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Calif. …

  • Air Force to Use Beale AFB to Test Energy Resilient Technologies0

    The Air Force plans to use Beale AFB in northern California as a demonstration site to develop and deploy energy resilient technologies that can be deployed to other missions and installations across the service. On Tuesday, the Resilient Energy Demonstration Initiative team — composed of representatives from the Air Force and the Department of Energy’s national labs, and other outside experts — will meet with mission commanders at Beale and evaluate opportunities for energy projects. The team then will develop a plan to provide resilient, cost-effective, cleaner power to the installation, and begin implementing that plan by the end of the year …