• Administration Takes Exception to Defense Bill’s Attempt to Disband Support Agencies

    Administration Takes Exception to Defense Bill’s Attempt to Disband Support Agencies0

    The White House opposes several of the reforms in the House’s fiscal 2019 defense authorization bill intended to streamline Pentagon bureaucracy, including language that would eliminate the Washington Headquarters Services and reorganize the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Overall, the Statement of Administration Policy issued by the Office of Management and Budget on Tuesday supports

  • White House Opposes Defense Bill Language Mandating Headquarters Downsizing0

    Language in the House version of the fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill requiring DOD to trim its headquarters budgets and personnel by 20 percent over five years garnered a strong objection from the Office of Management and Budget, which claimed the provision was unnecessary. The bill stipulates that the streamlining initiative generate $10 billion in savings and calls for the department to prepare an accurate baseline accounting of defense headquarters budgets and personnel, and detailed information on planned reductions in management headquarters. The department, however, already is carrying out a plan to reduce headquarters personnel, according to OMB’s “Statement of Administration Policy” issued Tuesday for H.R. 1735 …

  • All Federal Agencies Will Need to Trim Real Property, under New OMB Policy0

    Federal agencies, including the Defense Department, will be required to craft plans to reduce their real property footprint over the next five years, under a memo the Office of Management and Budget is scheduled to issue today. The memo, titled “National Strategy for the Efficient Use of Real Property: Reducing the Federal Portfolio through Improved Space Utilization, Consolidation and Disposal,” is a follow-on to the agency’s “Freeze the Footprint” policy issued in 2013. For the Pentagon, the policy means reducing excess space without relying on a BRAC round to shed large chunks of its real estate portfolio …

  • White House Orders Agencies to Cut Travel, Other Expenses0

    President Obama signed an executive order Wednesday requiring all federal agencies to cut spending on travel and conferences to 20 percent below fiscal year 2010 levels. The action requires agencies to devise ways to reduce government travel, primarily by relying on technological alternatives such as teleconferencing and video conferencing …

  • Federal Real Estate Board Would Have Broad Mandate0

    The independent advisory panel the White House proposed last week to help slash Uncle Sam’s real estate holdings would assess the entire inventory of federal civilian real property and recommend operational efficiencies to improve management of federal property. The Civilian Property Realignment Board would be modeled after past BRAC commissions; military installations, however, would be beyond its jurisdiction, according to additional details included in the 2012 budget request President Obama released last month. The panel, which would be composed of seven members appointed by the president, would review recommendations provided by federal agencies …