• Senate Votes to Stop Commissary Privatization Pilot

    Senate Votes to Stop Commissary Privatization Pilot0

    The Senate on Tuesday voted 70-26 to remove language from the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill allowing the Defense Department to privatize commissaries at five major installations until a study to assess the costs and benefits of privatization is completed. The amendment rekindles a similar effort on the Senate floor last year to postpone the launch of a pilot privatization initiative at military grocery stores …

  • Pentagon Takes First Step in Commissary Privatization

    Pentagon Takes First Step in Commissary Privatization0

    The Defense Department shortly will issue a request for information from companies with the capability to take over the operation of all or part of the military commissary system. This initial step by DOD to better assess the feasibility of privatizing commissaries comes at the request of Congress. “This is a request for information only. It is important to emphasize that NO decision has been made to privatize commissaries and the department is NOT soliciting actual proposals for privatization,” said DOD spokesman Air Force Maj. Ben Sakrisson …

  • Fate of Pilot Test of Commissary Privatization Still up for Grabs0

    A Senate effort to torpedo a provision in the fiscal 2016 defense authorization directing DOD to privatize up to five commissaries through a two-year pilot program appears to have been unsuccessful, leaving the issue to be settled in conference. During its debate of the annual policy bill last month, the Senate passed an amendment intended to strip out the language calling for the pilot. The amendment would have required the department to assess the costs and benefits of privatizing military grocery stores prior to launching the test. But because of the procedure employed to pass the amendment, the original language remains in the measure …