• Grand Forks AFB Support Group to Place Priority on Quality-of-Life Issues

    Grand Forks AFB Support Group to Place Priority on Quality-of-Life Issues0

    The base support group for Grand Forks AFB, N.D., formed in the run-up to the last round of base closures, wants to broaden its outlook, and adopt a greater emphasis on quality-of-life issues for airmen such as school quality and spousal employment opportunities. “We need to be aware of what’s going on in our communities,”

  • Communities Take Notice of Military’s Focus on School Quality0

    With the looming possibility of base closures or another form of downsizing, defense communities are paying more attention to the quality of their public schools, according to a commentary in Stars and Stripes. Education is a top quality-of-life issue for military families and the services are assessing the performance of local schools, among other factors, as they gauge the value of their installations, writes Jim Cowen, executive director of the Alexandria, Va.-based Collaborative for Student Success …

  • Reserve Personnel Need Greater Support, Army Enlisted Chief Testifies

    Reserve Personnel Need Greater Support, Army Enlisted Chief Testifies0

    The Army needs to improve its efforts to ensure soldiers in the National Guard and Reserve have access to quality-of-life services, particularly mental health care, Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel Dailey told lawmakers last week. The Army has expanded the availability of behavioral health teams to unprecedented levels, he said, and now there are 58 such teams embedded down to the unit level. But for reserve personnel, that’s not enough, Daily said during a hearing of the House Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee. “We can do more,” Daily said, reported the Army News Service. “And where you can help us is getting that help out to the National Guard and Reserves. They are dispersed throughout the U.S. …

  • White House Endorses Recommendations to Overhaul Military Compensation0

    President Obama said Monday he will support the broad package of reforms to military pay and benefits proposed earlier this year by a congressionally chartered panel. “I believe the recommendations are an important step forward in protecting the long-term viability of the all-volunteer force, improving quality-of-life for service members and their families, and ensuring the fiscal sustainability of the military compensation and retirement systems,” Obama wrote in a letter to Congress. The president said the administration will send Congress by April 30 a set of legislative proposals based on the recommendations of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission …

  • Quality-of-Life Milcon Projects Shortchanged in Budget, Appropriators Point Out0

    Cuts in the services’ military construction budgets to free up funds for operational readiness are placing the needs of service members in peril as essential quality-of-life milcon requirements such as child development centers, physical fitness facilities and troop housing are going unfulfilled, according to the House and Senate Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations subcommittees. “Deferral of needed QOL [quality-of-life] investment can adversely impact troop readiness and jeopardize the health and safety of service members,” according to the joint explanatory statement accompanying the FY 2015 omnibus spending bill signed into law last week by the president …

  • Community Partnerships Offer One Solution to Budget Squeeze Faced by MWR Programs0

    Morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) officials across DOD are making a variety of adjustments to maintain quality-of-life programs as they cope with budget cuts and other changes depriving them of needed resources. In many cases, officials have been forced to scale back programs and services, for example, by reducing the number of hours fitness centers, pools and libraries are open, reports American Forces Press Service. In other cases, service members and their families are being asked to pay nominal fees for aerobics and other fitness classes, or to rent outdoor recreation equipment …