• Radiation Concerns to Slow Property Transfer at Hunters Point

    Radiation Concerns to Slow Property Transfer at Hunters Point0

    The Navy has agreed to suspend any further transfers of property at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco due to several investigations into the falsification of data by its cleanup contractor. In 2014, Tetra Tech admitted to submitting false samples in an apparent effort to show the soil was not radioactive. Last week, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Malia Cohen told U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy that the city “will not accept the transfer of any land until federal and state regulators are satisfied that the land is clean and safe” and the city’s health department validates the decision …

  • Hunters Point Bears Fruit after Decades of Battle over Contamination0

    As new homeowners move into the first 88 units of new housing at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard this spring and summer, officials from the Navy, the city of San Francisco and master developer Lennar Urban could be excused if they breathe a sigh of relief while looking back at the hurdles that were overcome to reach this point. “It really is the culmination of many, many years of thinking about what to do and many fights over what to do, so it’s huge that we have new residents in those units,” Olson Lee, director of the mayor’s office of Housing and Community Development, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Yes, it’s a former Superfund site. Yes, there were toxics on the site, but the city has followed all federal and state protocols that are part of the base conversion process to make sure all the new housing is safe …

  • Contractor Admits to Falsifying Environmental Data at Hunters Point0

    The Navy’s cleanup contractor at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco admitted earlier this year to submitting false samples in an apparent effort to show that the soil was not radioactive, reports NBC Bay Area News. After the Navy determined in October 2012 that soil sample results were inconsistent with previous tests conducted at the same location, an investigation by Tetra Tech revealed that the samples actually came from different locations than the ones indicated. In reality, the samples were collected from areas that had already tested clean for radiological contamination …

  • Navy To Conduct Radiation Testing of Treasure Island Homes0

    The Navy has agreed to test all homes on Treasure Island for radiation contamination following the discovery of radioactive items in recent years at the former base located in San Francisco Bay. The Navy’s decision stems from requests from residents and “a recent radiological finding beneath a non-leased housing unit …

  • State Officials Find Additional Radioactive Contamination on Treasure Island0

    Californian health investigators earlier this year discovered radioactive shards near apartment buildings on Treasure Island, raising new concerns about the threat posed by historical activities at the former Navy base located in San Francisco Bay. In an internal memo from earlier this year, state health officials warned there still might be dangerous radioactive waste on the island where children could come into contact with it, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. As of 2011, 575 shards had been unearthed …

  • City to Ask State to Review Treasure Island Cleanup0

    The city of San Francisco plans to ask state officials to conduct its own investigation of the Navy’s cleanup of Treasure Island, in the wake of a recent report acknowledging that the island was used in the 1940s to repair and scrap ships exposed to nuclear testing in the Pacific. Michael Tymoff, the city’s project director for Treasure Island, said his office is preparing a formal request for the California Department of Public Health to carry out a new study, reported the Bay Citizen. State officials have said the Navy did not conduct a thorough assessment of radioactive contamination on Treasure Island, raising the possibility that it has not identified all of the affected areas. The Navy and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control both say that the island does not pose a health risk to residents. The Navy has said it will continue to work with the state to complete all needed investigations and cleanup.


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