• Army Expects to Achieve Readiness Recovery in 2022

    Army Expects to Achieve Readiness Recovery in 20220

    The Army will continue to focus on rebuilding readiness over the next four years, upgrading equipment, refurbishing stockpiles of munitions and bulking up its end strength. Already, the service has made tremendous strides in regaining past readiness levels, Lt. Gen. John Murray, deputy chief of staff for Army G8, said this week at an industry

  • Marine Corps Looks to Transform Installations

    Marine Corps Looks to Transform Installations0

    The Marine Corps is taking the first steps toward creating the installation of the future by adopting smart city and advanced transportation technologies, according to written testimony released before a House Armed Services’ Readiness Subcommittee hearing Tuesday. “Tomorrow’s Marine Corps installations will look much different than those in existence today,” said Lt. Gen. Michael Dana,

  • Experts Battle over True State of Military Readiness

    Experts Battle over True State of Military Readiness0

    A story in Stars and Stripes this week takes a balanced look at the debate over whether the nation’s military is in the throes of a readiness crisis. For much of the year, the House Armed Services Committee has delivered a steady drumbeat of press releases and links to news stories highlighting shortcomings in military readiness. “The rate of deployments has remained consistently high for over a decade, but the military resources available to meet those threats are declining. As it stands, we cannot meet combatant commander requirements, reliably maintain our equipment, or fully train and care for our troops,” Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) said earlier this month after the Government Accountability Office released a report on the military’s effort to rebuild its low readiness levels …