• State Signs on to Ft. Leonard Wood Region’s Partnership Charter

    State Signs on to Ft. Leonard Wood Region’s Partnership Charter0

    The state of Missouri has added its support to the local effort to discuss partnership opportunities and collaborations that can benefit Fort Leonard Wood and the central Missouri region. Joe Driskill, Missouri’s military advocate, last month added his signature to the Fort Leonard Wood Community Partnership charter, an agreement initially signed in January by the garrison commander, neighboring communities and civic organizations to provide a forum for local leaders to pursue ideas and concepts for new partnerships …

  • Partnerships, Trimming Facilities Footprint Are Keys for New ACSIM

    Partnerships, Trimming Facilities Footprint Are Keys for New ACSIM0

    Unsurprisingly, many of the priorities of Lt. Gen. Gwen Bingham, the Army’s new assistant chief of staff for installation management, are focused on ways to cope with severe funding constraints. One of her priorities is carrying out the Army’s ongoing “Reduce the Footprint” initiative, an effort to cut the overall cost of maintaining infrastructure by eliminating excess facilities. The Army spends an estimated $450 million to $500 million annually maintaining underused facilities, reports the Army News Service. “Right now we are in fiscally-constrained times. So being able to garner back dollars on reducing excess infrastructure is important,” Bingham said. “If you could imagine recouping that amount of money every year, and think about how we can invest that in the readiness of our soldiers — that’s huge …

  • Air Force Launching Seminar Series on Partnerships0

    The Air Force Community Partnership program is offering a series of seminars on a range of topics to support installation and community leaders as they carry out efforts to form new partnerships. The monthly brownbag series, which is open to Air Force personnel and community stakeholders, begins next week with a session on intergovernmental support agreements. Brownbags scheduled so far include: Intergovernmental Support Agreements 101 (July 27); Legal Aspects of How to Draft Successful Partnership Agreements (Aug. 24); Building and Completing Successful Business Case Analyses for Partnerships (Sept. 21); and Morale, Welfare and Recreation: How Bases and Communities are Working Together to Provide Better Services (Oct. 26) …

  • Travis AFB, Neighbors to Explore Potential for Greater Partnering

    Travis AFB, Neighbors to Explore Potential for Greater Partnering0

    Leaders from Travis Air Force Base in northern California and surrounding communities have signed a memorandum of understanding to increase collaboration under the Air Force Community Partnership program, an initiative aimed at enhancing mission effectiveness for the base and quality of life for personnel at Travis and their neighbors. The agreement also established the Travis Community Partnership Leadership Committee, according to the base’s public affairs office. Mayors from Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun City, Dixon, Vallejo and Benicia signed the agreement, along with the chairwoman of the Solano County Board of Supervisors and a representative from the Solano Economic Development Corp. The mayor of Rio Vista plans to sign the agreement shortly …

  • RAND Report Offers Insight into the Wealth of Installation-Community Partnerships0

    Partnerships between military installations and neighboring communities can produce a variety of benefits for both parties, including cost savings or revenue, as well as a range of non-monetary benefits such as an enhanced military mission, and improved installation and community operations and services, according to a new report by the RAND Corp. Other benefits include access to additional expertise and resources; enhanced outreach to military personnel and their families; and energy and environmental advantages. But beyond cost savings and other concrete benefits, installation partnerships “are often more about long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and strategic issues than saving money. Such partnerships are strategically important to the long-term function and mission of installations,” the report concludes …

  • Ft. Hunter Liggett, Neighbors Explore Partnership Opportunities

    Ft. Hunter Liggett, Neighbors Explore Partnership Opportunities0

    Officials from Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) and neighboring communities have signed a series of partnership agreements to leverage each other’s resources and improve services at the installation and the surrounding region near the central California coast. “We already have a history of working with many of these community partners,” said FHL Commander Col. Jan Norris. “These agreements [solidify] our partnerships and give us a platform to further enhance what we can do for each other.” FHL and community partners have been meeting for the last four months to discuss potential partnerships which culminated with a signing ceremony at Hartnell College in King City …