• State Opens Motor Vehicle Office at Ft. Bragg

    State Opens Motor Vehicle Office at Ft. Bragg0

    The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) opened a mobile office at Fort Bragg Wednesday, bringing DMV services back to the Fayetteville, N.C., post for the first time since 2008. The mobile office will visit the installation six days a month, and allow personnel and family members to handle most driver license services. The mobile units include credit card readers, mobile cameras and vision and knowledge skills testing. The move is intended to better serve military families, with the new office considered a tangible way the state can demonstrate its commitment, reported the Fayetteville Observer. Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson said the DMV may be the first, and sometimes the only, interaction troops and their families have with their state government. The Fort Bragg DMV is expected to serve between 60 and 80 customers daily. “This is one more step by this state to lighten the administrative load in the soldier’s rucksack, enabling them to focus more on training for that next deployment,” said Military and Veterans Affairs Secretary Cornell Wilson Jr.

  • County to Expand Land Buffer outside Randolph AFB

    County to Expand Land Buffer outside Randolph AFB0

    Bexar County officials are trying to complete the purchase of 91 acres of land outside of Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph Air Force Base over the next year as part of a larger effort to create a 142-acre buffer between the airfield and surrounding residential development. “That’s a relatively short period of time to acquire quite a bit of property,” Renee Green, the county’s director of public works, told the San Antonio Business Journal. The county has hired HNTB Corp. to negotiate the acquisitions for $743,343. Most of the funding for the $6 million project is being furnished by a $4.7 million grant from the Texas Military Preparedness Commission. The county is adding almost $1.3 million to the project …

  • City Begins Beautification Project at Entrance to Sheppard AFB

    City Begins Beautification Project at Entrance to Sheppard AFB0

    The first phase of a $3.5 million project in Wichita Falls, Texas, to improve the aesthetics of the area outside of Sheppard Air Force Base’s main gate and installation security is nearing completion. The first phase includes demolition of an old hotel and apartments very close to the base’s perimeter that will mitigate a longstanding force protection concern, reported 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs. Other components of the project’s initial phase include property acquisition and asbestos abatement. Work on this phase is expected to be completed next month …

  • State Agency Strives to Enhance Military Value of Ellsworth AFB

    State Agency Strives to Enhance Military Value of Ellsworth AFB0

    Since it was created in 2009, the South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority has reduced encroachment surrounding Ellsworth Air Force Base, worked to increase the size of a training range used by the installation and initiated several projects to improve the quality of life for Ellsworth personnel and their families. By focusing on the military value of Ellsworth and improving the quality of life for military families, the state agency is trying to ensure the base is not closed in a future BRAC round. Many of the agency’s efforts have addressed shortcomings that resulted in DOD recommending Ellsworth for closure in 2005. “We’re on the offensive,” Glen Kane, the authority’s managing director, told the Rapid City Journal. “The checklist basically gave us a playbook to work from,” Kane said in reference to scoring documents from the last round of base closures …

  • Kansas to Allow Military Spouses to Skip Bar Exam on Temporary Basis

    Kansas to Allow Military Spouses to Skip Bar Exam on Temporary Basis0

    The Kansas Supreme Court last week adopted a rule allowing attorneys living in Kansas with their spouses who are members of the military to temporarily practice law without taking the state-administered uniform bar exam. The change is intended to ease the hardship on military spouses moving to Kansas who have been admitted to practice law in another state or the District of Columbia. Eighteen states have already passed similar rules, and 13 more have proposed or are considering admission of military spouses, according to the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration …

  • ‘BRAC Could Happen Anywhere,’ Principi Tells Columbus Leaders

    ‘BRAC Could Happen Anywhere,’ Principi Tells Columbus Leaders0

    Elected officials shouldn’t take anything for granted when it comes to preparing for the next round of base closures, Anthony Principi, chairman of the 2005 BRAC Commission, on Tuesday told a special committee of Georgia House members and local leaders in Columbus, Ga., working to protect Fort Benning. “I would also strongly recommend that you not assume you’re safe, that you not assume that Fort Benning is safe,” said Principi, head of The Principi Group, a consulting firm working with the Matrix Design Group to assist the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce with its strategy to preserve missions at Fort Benning. “Assume that every base in the state of Georgia is at risk. I’ve seen bases in 2005 where hundreds of millions of dollars were invested by the taxpayer, and those bases were on the list for closure or major realignment. So it could happen anywhere …