• Bill Would Ease Burden on Military Spouses with Professional Licenses

    Bill Would Ease Burden on Military Spouses with Professional Licenses0

    Legislation introduced last week by New York Rep. Elise Stefanik would help alleviate the burden experienced by military spouses trying to maintain professional careers when their family moves to a new duty station. The bipartisan bill would require DOD to reimburse military spouses up to $500 for licensing fees for each permanent change of station. The measure also would expedite license portability and require the department to look for ways to improve the military spouse unemployment and underemployment rate …

  • Maryland Eases Process for Veterans to Obtain Commercial Driver’s License0

    Maryland has become the 34th state to waive the skills test for veterans and service members applying for a commercial driver’s license, the latest success in a federal effort to remove hurdles to separating veterans finding civilian employment. “This initiative is extremely important for the Department of Defense,” Frank DiGiovanni, director of training, readiness and strategy in the office of the deputy assistant secretary of defense for readiness, said during a Monday news conference. “It sets a great benchmark and will greatly assist our veterans as they plan for their future …

  • Military Truck Drivers Benefit from New Rules0

    New rules are making it easier for military truck drivers to obtain a commercial driver’s license, according to Frank DiGiovanni, director of DOD’s office of training readiness and strategy. As a result of a recent law, service members with military licenses now are eligible to obtain a commercial driver’s license from the state where they currently are stationed even if they are not a resident of that state …

  • Louisiana Legislation Would Help Military Families, Veterans Gain Credentials0

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal last week proposed legislation that would benefit service members entering the civilian workforce and military families relocating from another state. The legislation would speed up the transfer of professional licenses and certifications for military family members relocating to Louisiana from other states and establish procedures for military personnel that credit specialized training into equivalent non-military licenses and certifications …