• Service Members Praise DOD’s Transition Assistance0

    The Pentagon’s redesigned Transition Assistance Program is helping departing service members enter the civilian workplace, the program’s director told lawmakers last week. More than 80 percent of the participants said they “gained valuable information and skills to plan their transition, that the training enhanced their confidence in their transition, they intended to use what they learned in the classes, and that they knew how to access appropriate resources post separation,” Susan Kelly, director of the Transition to Veterans Program, told the House Armed Service’s Military Personnel Subcommittee during an Oct. 28 hearing. In 2013, the program was reorganized and reintroduced as required training for service members transitioning back to civilian life …

  • Entrepreneurial Course Helps Separating Service Members Launch Startups0

    “Boots to Business,” an optional supplement to DOD’s newly revised Transition GPS program developed by the Small Business Administration, is providing transitioning service personnel a variety of tools to start their own small businesses. After a two-day introduction, soon-to-be veterans in this track enroll in an eight-week online course through Syracuse University aimed at helping service members prepare a business plan …

  • DOD Unveils Online Curriculum for Transition Assistance Program0

    The Defense Department has introduced an online version of the curriculum for Transition GPS, the redesigned Transition Assistance Program (TAP) intended for separating service members. “We recognize that many of our service members don’t have access to brick and mortar classrooms for transition instruction,” said Susan Kelly, director of the Transition to Veterans Program …