• Upcoming VA Mission Act Rollout Expected to be Bumpy

    Upcoming VA Mission Act Rollout Expected to be Bumpy0

    The White House and congressional leaders are both issuing late warnings that the VA “Mission Act” to improve veterans’ access private health care will experience a bumpy rollout, Government Executive reported. The VA is in final preparations to implement the bipartisan measure that President Trump signed into law in 2017 but has faced pushback from

  • VA Partners with States to Stop Veterans Suicide

    VA Partners with States to Stop Veterans Suicide0

    The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to test a “governor’s challenge” to stop veterans suicide, starting in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Texas and Virginia – to fight veterans suicide, according to Military Times. “We’re shifting from a model that says ‘let’s sit in our hospitals and wait for people to come to us’

  • Justice Department to Invest in Expanding Veterans Treatment Courts0

    To expand the nation’s system of veterans treatment courts, the Justice Department last week pledged to award more than $4 million to 13 states and local jurisdictions to develop their own programs. The special courts divert veterans charged with nonviolent criminal offenses to a court-supervised process that emphasizes treatment and rehabilitation by offering support from health care professionals, veteran peer mentors and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There are now 463 such court systems in the nation, reported Military Times. Two-thirds of veterans who go through the system successfully complete their regimens, and 88 percent of courts see a reduction in arrests …

  • Research Institute Calls for Coordinated, National Approach to Veterans Services0

    A think tank report released Tuesday calls for the federal government to craft a “whole-of-the-nation national veterans strategy” to take advantage of the progress made over the past decade promoting veterans issues and the overwhelming public support for returning veterans and military families. Under the more holistic approach proposed by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, a single federal entity would coordinate and direct national veterans programs that are currently housed in six separate agencies not counting the Department of Veterans Affairs …