• New Statute to Help China Lake Address Water Shortfall

    New Statute to Help China Lake Address Water Shortfall0

    Officials in the Western Mojave Desert region of California believe language in the conference report to the fiscal 2019 defense authorization bill will boost ongoing efforts by Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake to improve its water and energy security. The provision, section 313, will allow the base to retain 50 percent of the revenue

  • Arizona Water Bill Could Threaten Ft. Huachuca, Conservation Advocates Say

    Arizona Water Bill Could Threaten Ft. Huachuca, Conservation Advocates Say0

    Legislation passed by the Arizona Legislature allowing certain cities to opt out of state groundwater management rules and approve large-scale development possibly could endanger the future of Fort Huachuca, environmental groups say. SB 1268 would allow Sierra Vista to exempt itself from a Cochise County rule requiring proof of an adequate water supply before approving development. At play in Sierra Vista is a proposed 7,000-home development that activists say could threaten the San Pedro River and the post in southeastern Arizona …

  • Senate Appropriators Concerned about Installations’ Water Security0

    The Senate Appropriations Committee underscores the need for military installations to reduce water consumption by adopting conservation, reuse and recharge practices, according to the report accompanying the FY 2017 military construction-veterans affairs spending bill. The services should incorporate conservation technologies into new infrastructure design and to upgrade existing infrastructure to increase its water efficiency, the committee report says. The committee encourages DOD to consider water conservation projects even if they can’t be justified on the basis of cost savings, as many technologies for increasing water efficiency do not result in competitive returns on investment …

  • State Grant to Boost Drinking Water Supply for Ft. Bliss

    State Grant to Boost Drinking Water Supply for Ft. Bliss0

    A $2 million grant awarded Thursday to El Paso by the Texas Military Preparedness Commission will help increase the city’s water supply in an effort to support neighboring Fort Bliss. The grant will partially fund El Paso’s partnership with Enviro Water Minerals Co. to convert waste generated from the desalination process at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant into drinkable water. “Adequate, reliable sources of water are critical for ensuring Fort Bliss remains one of the largest physical military installations in the country,” said state Sen. José Rodríguez …

  • Water Project Expected to Sustain San Antonio Bases into the Future0

    San Antonio leaders believe a new agreement with the local water authority to build 4 miles of pipeline will ensure the area’s military installations have sufficient water supplies over the coming decades. The most significant piece of the $11 million project calls for the construction of a 1,700-foot-long pipeline to Camp Bullis, making the San Antonio Water System the primary water source for the facility used to train military medics, reported the San Antonio Express-News. The aquifer Camp Bullis now relies on is susceptible to drought …

  • China Lake Community Needs to Address Water Shortfall, McGinn Says0

    Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is a valuable asset for the Navy that likely wouldn’t be threatened by a prospective BRAC round, the Navy’s top installations official told the China Lake Alliance during a luncheon last week. At the same time, the aquifer that China Lake relies on is in overdraft, jeopardizing the long-term sustainability of the installation located in the Western Mojave Desert region of California, said Dennis McGinn, assistant secretary for energy, installations and environment. “Even if there were not China Lake and the Naval Air Warfare Center here, this would be an unsustainable situation …