• In Our Communities

    In Our Communities0

    The state of New York has approved a $585 million plan to clean up groundwater contamination in the Bethpage community on Long Island, where the Navy and Northrup Grumman operated warplane manufacturing facilities for decades. The state plans to sue the Navy and the contractor for the bill. “We’ll never wait for polluters to clean

  • EPA Offers New Guidance on Groundwater Cleanup

    EPA Offers New Guidance on Groundwater Cleanup0

    The Environmental Protection Agency has issued interim guidance on cleanup of groundwater contaminated by PFAS. “The interim recommendations will provide clear and consistent guidance for federal cleanup programs and will help protect drinking water resources in communities across the country,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a Friday evening press release. “This is a critical

  • EPA Announces New PFAS Testing Method

    EPA Announces New PFAS Testing Method0

    The Environmental Protection Agency will start using a new method of testing for additional PFAS in drinking water, it announced Thursday in a press release. “EPA’s important scientific advancement makes it possible for both government and private laboratories to effectively measure more PFAS chemicals in drinking water than ever before,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said. EPA can