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Nomination Details

  • The deadline to submit a nomination is Oct. 13, 2017.
  • Please fill out the Nomination/Contact Information Form completely. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  • Fill out and sign the Consent Form.
  • Please submit three (3) examples using the Project/Program Profile Forms. Please provide all the details requested in the form.
  • All nominations must include a signed letter of support from one or more members of the local congressional delegation. Other letters of support can be submitted, but are not required.
  • Should additional information for the nomination be required, ADC will contact the nominator.
  • ADC will notify the nominators/nominees of its decision by Oct. 31, 2017.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Only an individual community, group of communities, county, parish or similar non-state-level local government entity that is home to an active military installation, including Army and Air Force National Guard bases, can be nominated.
  • The nomination must be submitted by an ADC community member in good standing that represents either: (1) the entity being nominated or (2) a portion of the entity for a regional submission.
  • States and private sector organizations are not eligible to submit nominations.
  • Nominations require the support from at least one member of Congress that represents the community/region being nominated.
  • By submitting a nomination, you are committing to participating in the program and the activities described below.
  • Communities selected for the 2016 or 2017 GADC class are not eligible for nomination.
  • Communities are encouraged to nominate themselves.

2018 Great American Defense Communities Selection Criteria


  1. Community Building and Integration
    • Creates an inclusive environment in which service members, their families and veterans are welcomed and integrated into the community fabric;
    • Maintains safe neighborhoods and affordable housing for military families; and
    • Connects the community and military installations seamlessly, providing easy access to community amenities and recreation areas.
  2. Support and Collaboration
    • Has developed a formal military-community support organization that includes advocates from local governments, nonprofit organizations and area businesses;
    • Works to form installation-community partnerships that enhance services to service members, their families and veterans; and
    • Celebrates its military heritage and role as a home to the military, and honors the sacrifices made by service members and their families.
  3. Educational and Employment Opportunities
    • Provides a wide range of job opportunities for service members and their families; and
    • Ensures quality educational opportunities for military children, spouses, service members and veterans.
  4. Family Support
    • Offers a range of support to service members and their families before, during and after deployments, and as they transition from the military; and
    • Promotes military family health and wellness by offering programs and support in the community.

Great American Defense Communities 2018


  • Please include http:// or https://

  • Defined by the Metropolitan Statistical Area reported by the U.S. Census Bureau,
  • Part III. Community Programs

  • Please fill out the below table to give ADC an overview of the programs present in your community.

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  • Please include http:// or https://
  • Please include http:// or https://
  • By submitting a nomination, you are committing to participating in the program and the activities described below (which are subject to change):
    • Special announcement in January 2018 and national media release.
    • Between January and June of 2018, your community will organize and host local events, in coordination with your congressional members, base representatives and local community partners to celebrate your selection and recognize the work of your community. ADC will provide support in developing the event and will coordinate the presentation of the Great American Defense Communities flag. When possible, ADC leadership will participate in events.
    • At the 2018 Defense Communities National Summit (June 18-20), the 2018 class of GADC communities will be recognized at a special reception attended by members of Congress, DoD leaders and fellow communities.
    • At the 2018 Defense Communities National Summit, selected 2018 GADC communities will participate in a general session highlighting innovative ideas, best practices and lessons learned.
    • Each community will be highlighted in a special exhibit displayed during a Capitol Hill reception and other possible locations.
    • Selected communities will be highlighted in a feature story in the 2018 edition of America’s Defense Communities magazine.