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    To maintain ADC membership, an annual contribution is required. The contribution amount is listed below, by the membership you have selected.

    Reminders/invoices for annual membership contributions will be sent to the primary and admin contacts.

    We have two membership cycles for reminders/invoices, Winter (Jan 1 - Dec 31) and Summer (July 1 - June 30). A reminder/invoice for your contribution will be sent to the admin and primary contacts via email at least one month before the end of the cycle. The cycle you are on is determined by when this membership application is received:

    Application Received   Reminder/Invoice Cycle
    October 1 – March 31     Winter
    April 1 – September 30    Summer
  • Please select the membership category that you wish to apply for:
  • Definition of Membership Categories

    -Community/State Basic Membership: $450 Civic organizations in this category have a public-focused mission of supporting the military, installations and defense activities in their communities, regions and states. They consist of military support organizations at the community, regional and state level, including (but not limited to) military-community partnering organizations, local/state government and chambers of commerce.

    -Industry Membership: $1,700 This category gives private organizations, which includes contractors, consultants or research organizations opportunities to support DoD, communities, states and related groups. Organizations may be for profit or not for profit, but have an interest in supporting and advancing issues that are important to defense communities and the military.

    -Affiliate Membership: $450 (approval required) Interested organizations who do not fit the categories above can apply for ADC’s Affiliate Membership category.

    -Small Business Membership $850 (approval required) For qualified small businesses only. Contact ADC for more information.
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  • What's Next? After submitting this application you will receive a confirmation email from ADC. Once processed an invoice and welcome email will be sent to you. If you have any questions please contact our membership team at: membership@defensecommunities.org