• Debate on Authorization Bill Reaches House Floor

    The House began debate on the FY 2012 defense authorization bill Tuesday with votes on up to 150 amendments scheduled to start today. The debate gets underway in the wake of a White House statement threatening to veto the measure over provisions related to a second engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the president’s authority to implement the New START Treaty limiting nuclear weapons, and the detention and prosecution of alleged terrorists …

  • Ft. Detrick, Frederick Team up to Support Technology Transfer

    A Frederick, Md., technology incubator last week held a showcase for current and former tenants, highlighting the role Fort Detrick has played in fostering the growth of the biotechnology industry in the region. The Fort Detrick Technology Transfer Initiative, a program supported by state and county economic development organizations, provided $1.3 million in funding for 26 startups …

  • BRAC Rounds Cut Excess, Transform Remaining Bases, Analyst Says

    With the Pentagon focusing on a strategic review of its roles and missions as a way to find budgetary savings, now may be the time to consider “the mother of all BRAC rounds,” concludes a national security analyst with the nonprofit Lexington Institute. It makes sense to revisit some of the decisions made by the 2005 BRAC Commission now that the war in Iraq is over and operations in Afghanistan are starting to wind down …