• Senate Subcommittee Reviews Proposals for Tackling Excess Federal Property

    With less zeal, perhaps, than its counterpart in the House, the Senate subcommittee overseeing federal real estate this week began to assess the problem of how to dispose of thousands of unneeded properties, most likely though a panel similar to the BRAC commission. The hearing held by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management demonstrated that the Senate is not as far along as the House in advancing a legislative solution to the problem, but it also served as a strong indication that both chambers of Congress are interested in passing a measure shortly …

  • Milcon Spending Bill to Provide Test for New House Maneuver

    The House leadership next week plans to ask the chamber to consider stripping out funding for veterans affairs from the fiscal 2012 military construction spending bill to test the option of splitting some of the federal government’s 12 appropriations bills into smaller parts. Because of widespread support for milcon and veterans programs, lawmakers likely will reject the maneuver …

  • Syracuse University to Establish Institute for Veterans, Military Families

    Syracuse University will create a first-of-its-kind national center in higher education focused on the social, economic, education and policy issues affecting veterans and their families, the school announced Wednesday along with partner JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPMorgan will spend $7.5 million over the next five years to support the launch and growth of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families …