• Republicans Ask White House to Outline Worst-Case Scenario for DOD Budget

    Three House Republican chairmen are insisting the Pentagon and White House detail the consequences for national security if automatic spending cuts are triggered following the second round of belt-tightening called for under the debt ceiling agreement, potentially resulting in a total of $800 billion or more in defense cuts over the next decade …

  • Defense Supporters Anxious over Picks for Super Committee

    None of the 12 lawmakers named to the congressional committee tasked with trimming the deficit by $1.5 trillion is considered a defense hawk, but defense proponents say there still are reasons to believe the Pentagon’s budget largely will be spared a second round of deep cuts. Their hopes primarily rest on the prospect that the committee will come to some sort of ‘grand bargain’ and avoid triggering up to $1.2 trillion in spending cuts …

  • Local Panels Declare Willow Grove Housing Site ‘Blighted’

    The Bucks County and Warminster planning commissions last week designated Shenandoah Woods — a 51-acre tract with 199 military housing units located near Willow Grove Naval Air Station in suburban Philadelphia — as a blighted area, a first step in the parcel’s redevelopment. The property had multiple characteristics that helped it gain the designation, including a poor street and lot layout, uninhabitable homes and an economically undesirable land use …