• Feds Remove Deadline to Offer Hiring Preference to Certain Military Spouses

    In a move to boost the employment prospects of military spouses, the federal government has waived a two-year window for spouses of service members disabled or killed in the line of duty to qualify for a preferential hiring authority from federal agencies. A new rule published last month provides indefinite eligibility for spouses who are not prepared to enter the workforce within two years because they are still grieving, attending school, or caring for children or their disabled spouse …

  • Automatic Defense Cuts Would Be Devastating

    Yesterday, while speaking aboard a Navy aircraft, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned that if Congress fails to reach an agreement in the debt-ceiling talks and massive cuts are automatically triggered in DoD, that the U.S. unemployment rate could increase by 1% …

  • Navy to Offer Military’s First Degree Program in Energy

    Starting this fall, the Naval Postgraduate School will offer the military’s first graduate program in energy, a move intended to advance the service’s effort to improve its energy security. “Energy is not just an issue for the future, or just the young officers and policy experts that make up NPS’s student population …