• Senate Vote Ends Attempt to Move Defense Spending Bill Separately

    The effort by Maine Sen. Susan Collins (R) to pass a full-year fiscal 2011 defense spending bill separately came to an end Monday after the Senate voted to cut off debate on a patent reform bill. The vote, to invoke cloture, shuts down debate on unrelated amendments, meaning that Collins’ amendment could not be brought to the Senate floor for a vote …

  • BRAC Not on Horizon, Senior Republican Lawmaker Says

    As the 2005 BRAC round nears its conclusion, apprehension as to when, or if, a new base closure round will be held is growing in many defense communities across the nation. To date, no official with the power to request a new round or authorize one has said he or she is contemplating doing just that. Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, in response to a question Tuesday from the Huntsville Times editorial board, said he has not heard any talk about a new round …

  • FAA Moving Command Center to Vint Hill

    By the end of the month, the Federal Aviation Administration’s new command center at Vint Hill, in Fauquier County, Va., should be fully staffed and operational, adding 270 employees to the former Vint Hill Farms Station. The center — officially the Air Traffic Control System Command Center — oversees the nation’s air traffic control system and balances air traffic demand with system capacity …