• Some House Lawmakers Question Earmark Ban

    As a number of House appropriators, including Democrats and Republicans, clamor for the chamber’s leaders to reconsider the ban on earmarks, senior House Republicans insist the matter has been settled. A common refrain among appropriators is that the House should clarify the definition of an earmark, reports Roll Call. One problem likely to surface during the appropriations process is project-based spending bills, including the ones that allocate spending for civil works and transportation projects …

  • Mullen Asks Communities to Benefit from Exiting Service Members

    Communities across the nation should support service members leaving active duty, for their potential as employees and to meet their diverse needs, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the National Association of Counties earlier this month. The priorities for personnel as leave the service, with some continuing to rely on the Veterans Affairs Department for assistance, will be education, health care and employment, Mullen said …

  • Columbus Region Readies for Ft. Benning Influx

    About 28,000 service members, civilians and family members will be moving to Fort Benning by the time BRAC changes are complete, with the majority of families moving between May and July. One city in Alabama across the Georgia border from Benning is hoping to grow substantially as a result of the new missions coming to the post …