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  • Federal Real Estate Board Would Have Broad Mandate

    The independent advisory panel the White House proposed last week to help slash Uncle Sam’s real estate holdings would assess the entire inventory of federal civilian real property and recommend operational efficiencies to improve management of federal property. The Civilian Property Realignment Board would be modeled after past BRAC commissions; military installations, however, would be beyond its jurisdiction, according to additional details included in the 2012 budget request President Obama released last month. The panel, which would be composed of seven members appointed by the president, would review recommendations provided by federal agencies …

  • Ambitious Plans under Way for Redstone Arsenal EUL

    Construction is scheduled to start shortly at Redstone Arsenal on the first building at Redstone Gateway, a 468-acre, 4.6 million square-foot office, retail and hotel complex being developed under the Army’s enhanced use leasing (EUL) program. The 15-year build-out plan for the project — led by Columbia, Md.-based Corporate Office Properties Trust and Montgomery, Ala.-based Jim Wilson and Associates — calls for completing 48 buildings outside the installation’s gates and 11 secure buildings inside the arsenal’s perimeter. The Gateway project is slated to be the Army’s largest EUL effort …

  • Ft. Bragg Task Force Seeks Planning Firm

    The BRAC Regional Task Force, the growth planning group for Fort Bragg, N.C., is looking for firms to implement recommendations from the region’s comprehensive growth plan. In response to the request for proposals, consulting firms are being asked to present their approach for preparing a coordinated, regional multimodal corridor mobility plan …

  • Budget Votes in Senate Just for Show

    The plan by Senate leaders to hold votes this week on competing versions of plans to fund the federal government for the last six-and-a-half months of the fiscal year is intended to show that the two parties each will need to give ground if they want to complete work on a FY 2011 spending measure. Majority Leader Harry Reid does not expect votes on either the Democratic proposal or the House plan (H.R. 1) to succeed …


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