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  • In Our Communities

    In Our Communities

    A 25-person local leadership team from Albany, Ga., visited Washington, D.C., this summer to meet with the Georgia congressional delegation and senior Marine Corps officials, the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce reports. The visit, the largest in the 15-year history of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce’s Washington, D.C., Fly In, featured discussions on the recently

  • Senate Passes Two-Year Comprehensive Budget Legislation

    Senate Passes Two-Year Comprehensive Budget Legislation

    The Senate passed the comprehensive $2.7 trillion two-year spending agreement Thursday that will temporarily suspend the debt ceiling to avert a looming government default while lifting discretionary spending limits for fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021. The vote was 67-28 with a majority of Republicans voting to support the bipartisan legislation, Roll Call reported. It follows

  • U.S. Space Command to Launch Within Weeks

    U.S. Space Command to Launch Within Weeks

    The new U.S. Space Command (SPACECOM) is expected to launch within weeks according to a top-ranking Pentagon official, Air Force Times reported Wednesday. Vice Adm. David Kriete, deputy commander of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), spoke with reporters saying the formal launch of the new command is only weeks away. “I think it’d probably be

  • Senate Confirms Gilday as CNO

    Senate Confirms Gilday as CNO

    The Senate confirmed Vice Adm. Michael Gilday by voice vote Thursday to be the next chief of naval operations, reported. Gilday was confirmed one day after his Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing and just before upper chamber prepares to adjourn for its August recess. His confirmation makes him the Navy’s most senior leader and


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