Call for Nominations

    Apply to join the 2019 Class of Great American Defense Communities. Celebrate your defense community for its outstanding support of the service members, families, and veterans who call your region home.

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    Base Redevelopment Forum 2018

    The Association of Defense Communities is bringing its Base Redevelopment Forum back to its roots. First held in Portland, Maine in 2013, this Forum has become the nation’s leading forum focused on large-scale redevelopment. Our focus is beyond BRAC; it is about advancing economic opportunity through community-driven redevelopment.

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    Defense Policy Forum 2018

    ADC is launching a reboot of its annual fall policy event with a focus on defining the organization’s annual policy agenda. Join us November 8 in Washington, D.C.

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    DOD Energy & Water Forum

    Join us at the DOD Defense Energy & Water Forum for the leading industry event focused on defense installation resiliency. The Forum will feature expert panels and interactive discussions to dive into the key challenges facing the critical infrastructure of our military installations.

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    Installation Innovation Forum 2019

    Innovation will provide the key to adapting to looming challenges and that begins with ADC’s Installation Innovation Forum 2019.

Latest Posts

  • Partnership with Energy Department to Benefit Energy Security at Bases

    The Pentagon’s year-old partnership with the Energy Department soon will pay dividends for DOD’s push to improve energy security, following a recent agreement for the two agencies to jointly install and operate 18 fuel cells to provide backup power at eight military installations. The departments will test how the fuel cells perform in real-world operations, identify technical improvements manufacturers could make to enhance performance and highlight the benefits of fuel cells for emergency backup power applications …

  • ADC Bestows Top Honor on Ft. Monroe LRA’s Armbruster

    Bill Armbruster, who has been a champion for both closed and active military installations during the past two decades, received the Senator David Pryor Special Achievement Award from ADC Tuesday during the 2011 Annual Conference. The Pryor award is the highest honor the association can bestow on an individual, and is the only award ADC confers that requires approval of its board of directors …

  • Senate Developing Legislation to Shed Excess Federal Property

    The chair of the Senate subcommittee overseeing federal real estate is crafting legislation to encourage federal agencies to dispose of thousands of unneeded properties, a member of his staff said during a special session Wednesday at the ADC 2011 Annual Conference. The bill Sen. Tom Carper is considering would help the government trim its inventory of 10,000 excess properties and 45,000 underutilized ones …

  • Air Force to Rely on EUL Projects to Boost Use of Renewables

    The Air Force Real Property Agency is striving to execute $5 billion in EUL projects by the end of fiscal 2016, with almost half of them producing renewable energy, said Terry Yonkers, assistant secretary of the Air Force for installations, environment and logistics. To help realize its ambitious goal, the agency is assessing its contract authorities to create more attractive business opportunities. “In other words, we are seeking good ideas and the business case from industry …


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