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Latest Posts

  • Committee Wants Specifics on Army’s Net Zero Initiative

    To help the Army’s Net Zero Installation initiative remain on track, the Senate Armed Services Committee is asking the service to prepare a proposed investment plan for implementing the program. The committee said it supports the initiative’s goals, but stressed that its 2020 target “is ambitious and requires the concerted effort of key decision makers in the department guided by some sort of plan …

  • Pomp and Circumstance to Mark End of Gates’ Era at Pentagon

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates is getting quite a send-off this week in preparation for his retirement today from the Pentagon and public service. Farewell dinners hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday and the president and the first lady on Wednesday culminate with a formal armed forces farewell tribute outside the Pentagon Thursday …

  • CBO Questions Projected Savings from Civilian BRAC Effort

    A plan to shed thousands of unneeded federal properties would cost the government money over the next 10 years, according to a recent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office. The analysis — requested by Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee — looked at the administration’s proposal for creating a civilian BRAC commission …

  • Senate Committee Encourages Base Personnel to Take the Bus, Train

    The Pentagon should encourage military and civilian personnel at installations to take mass transit, or to form carpools or vanpools as a way to alleviate traffic congestion, according to the report accompanying the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill the Senate Armed Services Committee approved June 17. The committee encourages the deputy undersecretary of defense for installations and environment, in conjunction with the director of the Office of Economic Adjustment, to promote the use of carpools and public transit …


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