Call for Nominations

    Apply to join the 2019 Class of Great American Defense Communities. Celebrate your defense community for its outstanding support of the service members, families, and veterans who call your region home.

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    Base Redevelopment Forum 2018

    The Association of Defense Communities is bringing its Base Redevelopment Forum back to its roots. First held in Portland, Maine in 2013, this Forum has become the nation’s leading forum focused on large-scale redevelopment. Our focus is beyond BRAC; it is about advancing economic opportunity through community-driven redevelopment.

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    Defense Policy Forum 2018

    ADC is launching a reboot of its annual fall policy event with a focus on defining the organization’s annual policy agenda. Join us November 8 in Washington, D.C.

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    DOD Energy & Water Forum

    Join us at the DOD Defense Energy & Water Forum for the leading industry event focused on defense installation resiliency. The Forum will feature expert panels and interactive discussions to dive into the key challenges facing the critical infrastructure of our military installations.

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    Installation Innovation Forum 2019

    Innovation will provide the key to adapting to looming challenges and that begins with ADC’s Installation Innovation Forum 2019.

Latest Posts

  • Cannon Has Stars in All the Right Places

    Cannon Air Force Base has helped serve as a launching point for over 130 officers who rose to the rank of general after leaving the installation since 1943, an outcome that also benefits the surrounding communities in eastern New Mexico. When the military needs to make critical decisions about a base, it helps if the senior leadership is familiar with it …

  • Army Opens One-Stop Community Center Far from Major Post

    The Army Strong Community Center that formally opened Saturday outside of Portland, Ore., is not located on or near a military installation, making it the first of its kind in the western United States. To underscore the facility’s importance to military families, Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz Jr., commanding general of the U.S. Army Reserve, and his wife attended the grand opening of the one-stop center designed to replicate the type of assistance normally provided on base …

  • Lodging Privatization in Arizona Prompts Complaints from Offsite Properties

    The planned transfer of lodging facilities at Fort Huachuca to a private sector partnership in August will bring newly renovated facilities and two new faces to the southeastern Arizona post — Holiday Inn Express and Candlewood Suites. Some local hoteliers, however, are not looking forward to the arrival of the Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL) program …

  • Analysis: Plan for Marine Corps Buildup on Guam Likely to Change

    Many of the variables associated with the existing plan to shift 8,000-plus Marines from Okinawa to Guam — including the cost and who will pay, the timing and the exact scale — likely will be adjusted, according to an analysis published Tuesday in Stars and Stripes. A host of circumstances are contributing to the expected changes to DOD’s master plan for the military buildup, including the March 11 earthquake in Japan, the U.S. fiscal crisis, and opposition from residents on Okinawa to the plan to move Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Camp Schwab …


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